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  • We’re having a Baby!

    It’s nearly the start of a New Year which means... The Boss Lady is having a BABY! Eeeekk! Read about our upcoming changes and plans! View Post
  • Hallelujah! We’ve found some people who are actually turning Wine into Water!

    Welcome to The Granite Belt! Where there’s been Droughts and Fires.. but the Wine keeps flowing! Eleven incredible local wineries are turning Wine into much needed Water for the region. Find out how you can help here! View Post
  • 5 things that are, but aren’t Scrunchies?

    If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to Scrunchies than just... Scrunchies, then you’re right! 

    In a world full of creative minds there’s ALWAYS something for something, or trends taken WAY too far... so we put our internet sleuth caps on, dug deep and found that there’s more to Scrunchies than just Scrunchies!

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  • Riiiiiseeee and Shine - WE’RE MOVING OUT OF HOME!

    THAT viral Kylie Jenner video is a little more exciting for us than just her “Rise and Shine” debut... BECAUSE WE’RE MOVING OUT OF HOME AND INTO OUR OWN OFFICE SPACE!

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  • Price... DECREASE?!

    With recent pricing increases from some of our suppliers and Australia Post - We won’t lie about struggling a bit lately. So, our answer is... to DECREASE OUR PRICES..? Find out about our upcoming changes! View Post
  • Four tips to stay mindful this holiday season | Guest Blogger Mindful Mahalia

    Guest blogger, Mindful Mahalia gives you four tips to stay mindful this holiday season! View Post
  • The Coming Soon Club!

    Guess what!!! We have a Tee range coming! Check out our first Logo Tee, Read about why it’s been taking so long AND we also touch on how we’re aligning this new part of our brand with our goal to be as sustainable as possible! 

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  • How annoying are Shipping timeframes... Am I right?

    Who else is sick of tracking details not updating!? Everyone! Ok! Let’s go! You can read about our policies in place to give both you as our customers and myself peace of mind that goodies will arrive safe AND read about and physically see a real life example of an order not updating until delivery day so that you know what happens and what to look for. View Post