5 things that are, but aren’t Scrunchies?

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to Scrunchies than just... Scrunchies, then you’re right! 

In a world full of creative minds there’s ALWAYS something for something, or trends taken WAY too far... so we put our internet sleuth caps on, dug deep and found that there’s more to Scrunchies than just Scrunchies!


  1. Scrunchies - The Band (US).

First on the list is something we’re super impressed with - and that’s Scrunchies - The Band. 

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN in the US - I first stumbled across the Punk/Rock Band on Twitter. Not only do they give heavy Joan Jett and The Black Hearts vibes, which I 100% am obsessed with, but I took the time to listen to their Debut Album ‘Stunner’ which was released in 2018 and it. literally. rocks. 

If you want to have a listen for yourself or find their socials then you can visit them via their band camp profile HERE


  1. Society6: Prints, Stickers and Wall Hangings

Society6 was my next stop on our ‘Not a Scrunchie’ world tour because it’s the one place that I know I can type anything in the search bar and something wacky will come up. 

I wasn’t disappointed.

If you need more than an actual Scrunchie in your life, then you can find a huge selection of Scrunchie Framed Prints, Scrunchie Art Prints, Scrunchie Wall Hangings, Scrunchie Stickers AND if that’s not enough... then you can also get the artwork on Laptop Sleeves, Phone Cases, Backpacks, Coffee Mugs, Duvet Covers, Bar Stools, Beach Towels, Tote Bags, Coasters... and well, my fingers are a tad store so you can jump on the website HERE and type Scrunchie in the search bar and have a look for yourself!


  1. SJP Outfit


If I’m looking for some Scrunchie styling inspiration on Pinterest, then this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker ALWAYS comes up in the search. 

She’s wearing a purple mini dress with white heels and around her like a sash - looks like a gigantic Scrunchie. Honestly - Halloween Goals.

I’ve googled and googled trying to find more information on the WHY, but information on this outfit is pretty scarce so we’ll just have to settle with the WOW. 

Let’s just hope Lady Gaga does a Scrunchie Outfit next. 


  1. THOSE Viral Apple Watch Straps


Personally, I am disgusted by this trend and no, we’re not going to touch them.

These are literally the Scrunchie equivalent of fake pockets on clothing and if I’m wearing a “Scrunchie” on my wrist, then I want to be able to tie my hair up with it. 

While searching for the sponsored post that has been continuously popping up on my Facebook so that I had somewhere to credit/send interested people, I was horrified to find the amount of handmade stores now offering them. 

So I’m just going to sit out on this one and let you all do your own searches for stores that sell them.


  1. Scrunchie Fabric

Finally, we bring you the last item on our list: Scrunchie Fabric. 

Is this as ridiculous as Scrunchie Watch Straps? Probably. But that’s not going to stop us from releasing a Scrunchie this weekend that has a Scrunchie on it. 

We’ve had this fabric sitting around in our stash for over a year and decided to finally break this bad boy out and make a Scrunchie Scrunchie. 

These will be available online Saturday 26th October at 9am (aest) as part of our mini release... or the calm before the storm as I’m calling it because we have a whopping 29 Scrunchies arriving on the 2nd November!!


So, there you have it - Five things that are a Scrunchie, but aren’t really Scrunchies! 

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