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Brace yourselvesthe crazy, fast-paced silly season of the year is about to start. From Halloween onwards, the end of the year is often a blur of spending too much money, going to social events and family gatherings, and frantically trying to get 2019 projects finished so that you can actually have a break. Unfortunately, after all of this we’re left exhausted, needing another holiday after the holidays.

So, before you jump into the holiday season, here are four things to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Stop and smell the roses

Smell roses, daisies, sunflowers or grass - it’s all the same! As cliché as it is, people still forget to do it!

This tip is about simply pausing and observing.  If the stress of Holiday commitment starts to loom over you, stop and breathe. Ask:

What are your thoughts saying to you?
How does your body feel?
Can you take a 5-minute break from what you are doing right now? Seriously, time-out isn’t just good for the kiddies!

Personally, I stop and smell the roses by making sure I notice sunsets on the drive home. It’s simple, but brings me a lot of joy!

Tip 2: Stop idolizing busy

I believe we are all guilty of responding to the question,How have you been?’ with ‘So busy, but apart from that fine!’. It’s understandable! Our society idolises busy because we’ve been raised to believe that busy equals successful. But this could not be further from the truth!

When you get busy, you lose touch with what is real. You miss opportunities, you multi task and you begin living in the future. Around the holidays, it may mean you forget catch ups with friends, you’re not as productive at work or you’ll have low energy in the form of stress, anxiety or worry. The problem is, low energy is contagious. Trust me- you don’t want your whole family stressed about what napkins you need for your Christmas lunch four weeks in advance.

So, in the lead up to the holidays try to change your perspective a little. If you start to feel a bit busy, try to create some down time around your commitments to do something in the slow-lane. Sit in the sun, have a laugh with a friend or see a movie! That way when you do show up for your commitments, you’ll thrive!

Tip 3: Giving doesn’t have to be big

As much as we’d love to spoil our loved ones, we also have no obligation to spend money we don’t have. I repeat. If you can’t afford a present for someone then you have no obligation to give it. So many of us listen to pressure of advertising and feel as though we have to spend hundreds of dollars to show others that we love them. Funny thing is they don’t really appreciate the present unless Gifts are their love language and even then, it usually doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent. My recommendation, just buy some Corduroy Club scrunchies or earrings for everyone and be done with it.

Tip 4: Remind yourself what really matters

At the end of the day, this season is about fun, laughter and family. It’s about love, sharing time with others and setting intentions for the new year. Take a break from social media and be in the real world. Take some time to think about what really matters in your life and make sure you keep that as your guiding light for your decisions.


With these tips in mind, I hope you have a magical end to 2019. If you enjoyed this article and want more mindful tips, pop over to my blog Mindful Mahalia. Subscribe to receive blog notifications and news, or follow me on Instagram @mahaliacamille.

Mahalia x


“Those who are wise won't be busy, and those who are too busy can't be wise.” ― Lin Yutang

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