How annoying are Shipping timeframes... Am I right?

Hey everyone! 

There’s been something a tad annoying happening more often than usual at the moment so I wasn’t sure how to get this across without sounding whiny or giving off a ‘poor me’ vibe because it’s been frustrating for EVERYONE - and I’m not the only business going through this lately.

That’s why I figured I’d write a quick blog post with the aim to bring peace of mind to both myself and to you guys that the information and actual real life examples are out there! 

It also gives me a chance to let you know how and why we do things and what policies we have in place for Shipping.

I’ve been getting an increased amount of angry and frustrated messages recently in regards to tracking not updating on orders, which is 100% understandable considering I’m feeling the same frustrations and anxiety over getting your goodies safely from me to you! 

We currently ship via Australia Post using multiple different methods depending on:

a) What’s most convenient at the time.

b) What’s going to get your packages heading towards you the quickest.

c) What Help I have Available to me. 


This means I either get my Mother in Law to duck to the Post Office after she finishes work, My Partner to pop them in PO Boxes on his way to work in the early mornings or I either make the trip to the Post Office or the PO Box closest to our house. 

Most of you know that I’m currently pregnant (eeekk!!!) and also have a two year old, so while I’ve been suffering from morning sickness, your packages have been mostly popped in the PO Box closest to our house to avoid any delays in getting them out to you all! 

Unfortunately even though I live in a fairly decent sized town that’s rich with small businesses - Australia Post doesn’t offer a pick up service in our area and my ‘couriers’ are either someone I outsource to when they’re available or the family members that give me a hand! 


The main issue that we’ve been running into is that tracking isn’t always updated and they’re not always scanned in when the packages are moved between the PO Box and Trucks. 

After speaking to multiple Australia Post Customer Service Officers and pleading for either better service or a real solution (ie. an official courier service in our area) - the general information given was that packages and letters are sorted straight onto the trucks and sent on their way. They’ll either be scanned in and have tracking updated at the next depo they’re taken to... or as the example I’m about to show you below, won’t be scanned in until they’re at the delivery centre - ready to go out to you that day. 

If you’re having the same thoughts I am... then yes. It does kind of defeat the purpose of paying for tracked postage when you can’t see where your goodies are until the last moment and it is a kick in the guts to have 1 in 250 people accuse me of not posting them in the first place when I work incredibly hard to have a really trustworthy, kick ass and fun business. Because that part is so important to me as a business owner. 

We have been considering beginning charging for postage and switching mailing companies (Ie. Fastway, Couriers Please) however we’re able to comfortably absorb the cost of postage in our prices and wear that so that we can continue to offer Free Shipping Australia Wide and aren’t really interested in changing this because it works for us. 


As a real life example (with a happy ending!):

I’ve recently had a customer who bought some gifts for family and friends on the 6th of August, You’ll see in the picture that I created the label on the 8th of August and then the Customer received the Shipping Email on the 9th of August - on the day that it was shipped... and then nothing. 

She then popped me an email on the 17th August, understandably concerned that nothing had updated in 5 business days since she had received the shipping email, and me slightly exasperated that yet another one wasn’t showing up - not knowing if it would show up or if I would have to take the financial hit that happens when the odd package goes missing. 

(Ps, I’ve only had 2 go completely missing in 636 orders so I have a pretty great track record!)

You’ll then see that by Monday I’d lodged an enquiry with Australia Post as even though their estimated delivery timeframe on their website states 2-10 business days, a majority of the time the longest we’re waiting is between 5-6 business days. 

I assured my customer that we were still within the maximum 10 business day period, would keep in touch with them and I also had my fingers crossed that it would turn up or that it would be located and scanned in wherever it was in its travels! 

Then two days later on the 21st August tracking FINALLY updated that it was on board for delivery and would reach my patient customer today! YES! 

As you can see - it feels like a really really long time between ordering and was a total of 11 business days between ordering and reaching her which includes:

a) Our processing timeframe of up to 3 Business Days to process, pack and post.

b) The estimated delivery timeframe of 2-10 business days for our goodies to reach their new home! 

This is leaning towards the longer end of our combined timeframes but you can imagine how much longer it feels when you don’t know what’s going on! 


If this happens to you and you’ve paid for Express Postage - if it hasn’t reached you within 3-4 business days from receiving your shipping email then please contact us at and we’re more than happy to refund the express postage paid. 


While we say to hang tight for a minimum of 5 business days before contacting us to allow time for it to reach you - but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with your order number if you’re really concerned so that we can follow this up for you.

Our current Shipping policies have also been updated as of the 20th August 2019 to reflect these situations and our processes, which you can find on our website. 


Most importantly: Thanks for being the best and so understanding and patient while I hopefully get over this morning sickness (and then again during the newborn phase) and then can resume getting into the post office to lodge your parcels normally again! 

The Corduroy Club Team x

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