I tried Alya Skin.

I’ve always had awful skin, especially through high school. As soon as puberty hit, my face and neck just went downhill and it was struggle street to maintain it from there.

So on a particularly defeating ‘downer night’ where I haven’t invested in good skincare since my mum tried the likes of Avon, Proactive,  Mary Kay etc during high school, and an advertisement popped up for Alya Skincare - I pounced.

What drew me in first was the clay mask. I’m not a real girly girl but since starting a family and being surrounded by boys, I’ve started doing the odd pampering here and there. I’d tried an avocado mask from TK Maxx a few months back, absolutely loved the way my face felt afterwards and NEEDED to feel that good again.

Then I saw the packs that included the pomegranate exfoliator. Which was awesome because my skin is so incredibly oily and I was at the end of the tube with my Clearasil that I only used on the odd occasion anyway.

Can you see the unhealthy pattern of MLM to Drug Store Skincare lines with a mixture of only using them when I’m feeling a tad on the ugly side followed by a non-commitment ceremony worse than the Honey Badgers Bachelor appearance?

Moisturisers, I’ve never really loved because I haven’t found ‘the one’ yet - so I wasn’t as excited about this one than I was about the other two, but I still grabbed the full pack because I didn’t have a good moisturiser and I knew even though my skin was super oily... I was going to need to put a little back into it after using exfoliators and clay masks.

If you have oily skin then you probably have the same fight as me - skincare lines are constantly marketing to “Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!” But when your skin is oily and you slap even a slightly wrong moisturiser on... your skin just feels gluggy.




I was super excited when they came AND with a cute little pink, and extremely soft face washer.. which was good because I hadn’t done any washing.

I exfoliated first, a little disappointed that there wasn’t really a nice scent, but relieved that it didn’t have a strong chemical scent like other skincare lines sometimes have. It DID left my face already feeling like it was breathing better.

Then the clay mask went on.

Note to self: Buy a brush or a little stick thing because fingers were just a fun mess.

I was pretty excited to feel the clay harden along with the satisfying sensation when your skin starts to get a little tight. I also had a little giggle at myself that I definitely DID NOT look like the gorgeous girls in the photos and more like something a tad comical had happened.

Then the moisturiser went on pretty sparingly because I didn’t want my face to go back to just feeling heavy and I didn’t know how this moisturiser would compare to the ones I’ve tried before!




I’ve used it for about two-ish weeks now with the intention of doing a skincare routine daily until I figured out what my skin needed (whether it was too drying and I needed to split up the exfoliating and mask routines, or if I just needed it every 2nd/3rd day, or if I was fine doing it as a every night routine etc etc) and I’ve kind of failed in that department.

I’ve been using it probably every 2-3 days on the odd night that I have the energy to do it in between running a business, running a household, running after a two year old and running to the toilet because I’m pregnant and my bladders being squished... ok, sounds like a lot of running but I don’t run at all.

I definitely haven’t used it for long enough for it to have had any real effect on my spots just yet - BUT I have noticed a HUGE difference in the redness on my face, around my nose which makes me look like rudolf the red nose reindeer, along my jaw and the odd red patches along my cheekbones.

Instead of being a bright red and looking like I constantly have a cold, the redness has faded into a light pink colour which is definitely a huge motivator to keep going when I can physically see that somethings happening and working!

All in all, I’m pretty stoked with it so far because nothing has given me even the slightest results this quickly, but I’m going to definitely put a bit more effort into creating a regular routine (no matter how tired I am) AND I won’t be deciding on a long term commitment until I’ve finished the tubes and mask tub to see if it goes any further than just reducing redness!


Disclaimer: I’m 100% not a skincare expert and this is just my first experience of spontaneously trying a hugely popular and growing brand to see if the hype on Facebook was worth it! I encourage you to do your own research into any skincare products you’re intending to use and if you have any questions to ask a professional or contact the brand directly!


This blog post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Alya Skincare, but just written because I’m actually excited about starting this product and seeing slow but steady results for the first time in my own skincare battle... plus I wasn’t really able to find any completely third party experiences that weren’t firstly shared via Alya Skincare themselves!

If you’re interested in checking them out for yourself then you can find the whole range at www.alyaskin.com.au


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