Price... DECREASE?!

I’m going to bare my soul as a business owner for a second here... the last couple of weeks have sucked.

We’ve still been doing really really well as a small business but first - a few of our fabric suppliers increased due to the exchange rate and the ever increasing business. Which was fine - we could absorb the extra couple of $$ as we usually had. Then came the biggest blow.

Australia Post price increases.

Suddenly in most cases we were paying $8.95 to send a $9.95 Scrunchie - and that extra dollar was not enough to be covering materials, business costs and all of our other bills.

Increasing our prices weren’t an option because we know we’re already on the higher end of the Scrunchie price range and we didn’t really fancy slugging everyone with the complete cost of postage either.

Instead we’ve sat back and began to look at what we can do as a business to save money - getting rid of our compostable bags for Aus Post ones was definitely not one we considered and getting rid of tracked postage wasn’t something else we weren’t going to even think about for everyone’s peace of mind.

Then we tried to sit back and ride the wave - surely our bigger spenders would cover the smaller spenders right? Yes and no, but it wasn’t a long term solution either.

Finally, after my personal bills started struggling, my purchasing fabric and other cool stuff for the business started slowing down - the last hammer to the nail in the coffin was having to sacrifice the hours I could pay my two girls to help me out (which was a huge red flag considering I’ll need them more to keep running when this baby arrives!)  - we crunched some numbers and decided that the best way to go was to... decrease our prices?


SO! As of this coming Friday 18th October, 2019 you’ll be waking up in the morning to these changes:

  • SCRUNCHIES will be permanently reduced from $9.95 to $7.95.
  • Our $14.95 EARRINGS will be permanently reduced to $12.95

Everything else will also remain the same such as the price of our acrylic earrings, our free express postage, our international postage prices - however!



Any orders placed over $20.00 will still have free tracked postage Aus Wide but those placed under $20.00 will be just helping us out a bit by paying only $4.95 towards postage - we’ll still be absorbing some of the postage cost!

By charging a little postage towards the overall cost on our smaller orders means that we can pass on some of our earnings and savings onto everyone as we won’t be needing to charge the whole postage cost in our products anymore! Yay!

Our average order is usually three Scrunchies anyway which means that’s a huge saving for you guys and will be $23.85 instead of $29.85 AND you’ll still be getting free postage as usual!

These changes will make such a huge difference for us and give us some breathing room in the case of any more unexpected price increases in the future PLUS we can continue to get the help we need as we grow AND you guys benefit as well!

Win, Win!


If you have any questions or concerns about our changes then don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


See you all on the other side!!

The Corduroy Club x

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