The Coming Soon Club!


After feeling like we’ve just been all talk for the last couple of months... things are FINALLY starting to happen!

It’s always been a huge dream of mine to own a clothing brand - and to be able to have been building The Corduroy Club up (from just starting with $5 worth of spotlight material to turn into Scrunchies) into a business that I can turn these dreams into reality!? PINCH ME! 

I won’t lie to you though. It’s been a hard uphill slog with a tonne of setbacks. Especially since I stopped trying to will it to happen and started MAKING it happen. That was honestly one of the harder steps. 

The last couple of months have been pretty crazy with jumping from one supplier to another and getting various tee’s printed just to find that the sizes or quality are just rubbish? A bit defeating - BUT WE’VE FINALLY MADE IT!

With that - I give you our first delicious Logo Tee! 


Is it easy to whack a picture on a tee and sell it? Yes.

Is that what we’ve done? Nope! 

We’ve put quite a bit of research into potential suppliers - but it was important to us to work with another Australian Small Business, who held the same values as we do, especially when it came to striving to be as Sustainable as we could be. 

This way we can assure you that we’re not contributing to creating, buying or selling fast fashion, and the garments we’re printing on are certified to be socially and environmentally responsible - whether it’s Child Free Labour or by being W.R.A.P Certified (World Responsible Accredited Production). 

While our Logo Tee is just one of a few goodies we have up our sleeve - we’ve got some rad slogan tee’s and sneaky other bits and pieces arriving as well that will be placed on a first run preorder. We can’t give away everything though!

We’re due to get our final drafts in the mail in TWO WEEKS and then it’s go time baby - providing everything’s all good!

But we have a good feeling about this time! 


Eeeeeekkk! See you with more Sneak Peaks!

The Corduroy Club team x


Ps. If you are or know of an artist/graphic designer who may be interested in collaborating - please email us at because we’re also curating a rad lineup! 

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