The Confidence Club

One of the most repeated questions that I get goes something along the lines of:

“I’ve got a cart full of quirky earrings, but I don’t know if I should buy them because I’m scared I won’t wear them. How do I get the confidence to wear things like these?”


I have half a cupboard of super rad clothes that I’ve bought but don’t have the confidence to wear out of the house (yet)! I’ve started slowly wearing more and more of them, even if I do change my whole outfit before I leave the house, but the confidence to wear something a little different and colourful is definitely building!

Now, I could easily tell you guys my ‘Go to Confidence tips’ but I’m going to be super real and acknowledge that it can sometimes sound super salesy coming from the person who’s hoping you will buy them.

SO! I went out into the world of our Instagram Stories and asked my super cool team of girls, Aka: YOU GUYS!!! and there was some really solid advice:


  • Start small, with a unique colour or shape and build from there!
  • You only get ONE life. So you just wear those earrings like your life depends on it!
  • Just pretend it doesn’t bother you and accept compliments when they keep rolling in!
  • It’s all about faking it until you make it... Act confident and the world will forever be in awe!
  • Wear a monochrome outfit and bright ass earrings because that shit works!
  • You’ve just got to! Whenever I do, people always compliment and it builds your confidence to do it again!
  • I would wear a super basic outfit and use them to spice it up a little so I look pretty nice!
  • Wear them around the house,  gradually going outside in them every now and then!


Now for the boss lady’s earring confidence advice:

I still get super bashful about it every now and then, but if I’m wearing a new pair and overthinking it: WEAR YOUR HAIR OVER YOUR EARS! By the time I’m getting annoyed with my hair in my face and have brushed it back behind my ears - I’ve forgotten all about the earrings anyway!


Do you have a ‘go to’ Confidence tip or something you do when it comes to trying a different style? Let us know!!

Ps. Don’t forget to tag us in all of your pics so we can see you rocking them as well!!

Lots of love,

The Confidence Club.

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