We asked Instagram if Keanu Reeves is actually good looking!

If you’ve been on the internet lately then you would have seen SO MANY articles about how gorgeous Keanu Reeves is.

I got into one of those really passionate, heated debates with a friend about whether he’s actually gorgeous... or if everyone’s just jumping on the bandwagon.

I’m sorryyyyyyy. I just don’t see it.

So once again, I went and asked Instagram and we did the whole Mean Girls Burn Book/Hot or Not thing and the results weren’t surprising - but there were some hilarious things that I picked up on the way.

First things first though: The results were actually SUPER close with a few hundred ladies voting, 52% put they’re hands up to say he IS actually the hottest thing at the moment and 48% said that like me, they didn’t really see the fuss.


The hilarious, unexpected thing to come out of this though - was to see how many friends voted on the opposite sides!

We definitely see who tags who and who’s connected and who’s besties and family and I did have the biggest chuckle about whether or not you guys have had this same debate that I’ve had... or if there’s a hidden war brewing under your friendship that you don’t yet know about.

So turn to your friend, text them or confront them face to face - because the great Keanu Reeves is dividing us more than we think! Haha!

So what I got from this was yes, he’s probably good looking in his own way and Aussie females are pretty close to 50/50... BUT if you love something (or someone) then it’s not overly a bad thing to gush about because it’s definitely a lot better than the negatives!

and with that, not me but... THEY LOVE YOU KEANU REEVES!


Lots of love,

The Corduroy Club x


  • Posted by Dal Cruz on

    He ha s always being very handsome and Hollywood has missed his best years. We need to see a lot more movies with him. He’s an amazing human being that really cares regarding his position as an actor.

  • Posted by Kathy Brockmann on

    Keeanu Reeves good looking? WOW of course…and beside his handsome face….he has a goodness about him, how he lives his life, and how his kindness really makes him quite a remarkable human being!

  • Posted by Stefania on

    If you don t think he is such a big deal why going lenght writing so much about him? Besides, who cares. I like him, you don t. Some people do some don t. What’s the fuss? That’s as easy as abc. Your “research” is a mutt point.

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