We have a Blog!!!


Right now it’s 11pm and I should be asleep but instead I’ve started Powerpuff Girls from season one, set myself up in bed and figured that I’d better start this blog like I’ve been intending to for the last two weeks.

Can I firstly comment on just how lame and corny old cartoons actually are. I was a Pokémon kid - but have you rewatched the first season?! It’s still good and nostalgic but SO CRINGY!

Incase you haven’t seen my face plastered across Instagram, I wear glasses ALL. THE. TIME. It also just so happens that my partner can’t fall asleep unless the TV is on - so we have to compromise and watch things with bright colours (like cartoons) just so my blind ass can watch things as well.

Who can relate?!

If anyone also has any suggestions on shows - we’ve been through all of the Adult Animation Series on Netflix and Stan and would LOVE something different!

Make sure that you pop any recommendations in the comments section below!


Apart from that - It’s been a huge night for us here at The Corduroy Club!

We’ve officially been open for ONE MONTH, just processed out ONE HUNDREDTH ORDER and we now have EIGHT HUNDRED FOLLOWERS on Instagram!!! Go us!!

We literally could not have done all of this in such an incredibly short time without all of you guys and girls though - so THANK YOU A BILLION!

We have some groovy stuff coming up like our Merch which you would have seen snippets of across social media AND as a super special “thanks for reading my blog” sneak peak... we’ll be releasing Rugrats and Spice Girls Scrunchies VERRRRYYYY SOOON!

Until then though... shhhhh!


Lots of Love,

The Welcoming Club.


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