We’re having a Baby!

Eeekkk! It’s so close to the New Year that we can taste it!

I hope that everyone had an incredible (and safe) Christmas - ours was filled with lots of driving, food, a heap of family, friends and even convincing my gran to have a turn at Pie Face... the bloody legend!

Most of you know that we’ll be adding our last little set of tiny feet to our family between January and February, which I put vaguely because we have a history of early babies so we’re not even bothering to tell anyone our due date as plans keep changing with little hiccups every now and then! 

I’ve been knuckling down over the past couple of months and prepping everything as much as I possibly can like crazy woman, so that things on the business front will continue to move smoothly as there are no plans at this stage to temporarily close up or slow down! 

At the moment we’ll be extending our timeframe to allow us 5 business days to pack and post and do one post office drop only once or twice a week (most likely on a Saturday and then again around Wednesday!) instead of daily post box drops, and everything will be premade in smaller quantities, just restocked more often to keep our inventory more manageable! 

Of course this is going to be a huge adjustment for us and even though we’ll have a heap of people around to help - plans may have to change... but we’ll tackle that when the time comes! 

We’d also like to thank you for a killer year, it literally feels like I’ve been living a dream!


See you all in 2020!

The Corduroy Club team x


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