About Us

Welcome to The Corduroy Club! 


Growing up, my Mother and I usually clashed on what I wore 98% of the time. She’d put 8yr old me in Pumpkin Patch Purple Plaid Skirts and a Turtleneck... and I’d pair it with some boots.

As I got older we were able to laugh about how different we were and happily mocked each other - I’d just send her pictures of new hair colours and new purchases and she’d tell me my taste was in my ass... Ok, so maybe she just mocked me most of the time but I got the last laugh when someone told us we looked like sisters - so I immediately went out and turned my hair dark. 

Most of this was influenced by being introduced to the likes of Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Suzi Quatro and Stevie Nicks at a young age. 


Soon Rock n Roll evolved into Rockabilly and Pin up as I landed my dream job at a place called Trash Monkey in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. I walked in, fell in love and instantly knew I just HAD to work there. Of course when I told my parents, I also had to quickly assure them it wasn’t a strip club and not just something else I was doing to give them slight heart palpitations for a laugh. 

This was a turning point from my comfortable black clothing as I instantly drowned myself in brightly patterned swing dresses and little Pin up play suits. It was also an introductory to the world of bold, bright and humorous accessories.


Now that I’ve had my fair share of desk jobs, changed direction from having a career to slipping into the role of motherhood - I knew that there was never going to be a more perfect time to surround myself with stuff that made me giggle! 


So wherever you currently are in life, whether you’re still in your bright world of navigating life out of school, transitioning into adulthood, studying, travelling, building a career or family or still just trying to figure out your style - The Corduroy Club was created for you!


We aim to serve up subtle, bold and definitely no boring accessories 24/7 in small quantities so that...

a) We’re not mass producing items and keeping our wastage to a minimum 

b) not every second person will have what you have! 


Can I have a YASSSS QUEEN!! 


So wear those Scrunchies like a crown and adorn your ears with hilarious bling because you’re one of us now! 

The Corduroy Club x