Brand Reps and Collabs

Hey You! 

 We’re super thankful and flattered that you’re interested in joining our team as a Brand Enthusiast, Brand Rep or are interested in a once off collab with us!

We’d love for you to join the club and help us grow! Our growth is incredibly important to us as it means that the more profit we bring in, the more we can give back! So far we’ve been able to donate both products and money to different charities and causes and also invest back into ourselves to ensure we can be as sustainable as possible and play our small part in creating a greener world! But we still have SO MUCH MORE that we can be doing!!  

We also know that this works both ways and we are more than happy to tag and share relevant photos and posts to help you grow as well! 


If you’ve been in the Influencer circuit for awhile, are now established as a reputable Rep and would love to be considered for an immediate Brand Rep position - please email us at with your attached media kit, including prices (if applicable), ROI statistics and 2-3 pictures that REALLY shows your amazing style and what you can do for us!! 


Alternatively, If you’re just starting out, are looking for the experience or want to try something new OR are just SUPER PASSIONATE about us (this one we love!!) then we definitely offer positions in our Rep team to cater for this as well!

For new Brand Reps and Collaborators, we ask that you make a minimum of one order per month (no minimum order amount) for your personalised discount code to remain valid which can be used by yourself and shared with family and friends. Providing that your discount code is used a minimum of 8 times within the month (please note that any uses by you, the Brand Rep/Collaborator will not be included in this count), we will reimburse your first order placed with us each month as a thank you for your support and contribution towards growing our business. We will also be happy to share and tag your photos providing that they are clear, crisp and appropriate to use on our social media channels. 

We also love slipping in freebies to say thank you and once you’re established as a Brand Rep and/or Collaborator, we can renegotiate terms to ensure that it is a mutually beneficial and positive collaboration between us all.


On the occasion that we feel as though your values are no longer aligned by ours, we reserve the right to cancel any agreements between us immediately. 

We also reserve the right to ask that you remove any photos that may not align with our values or that reflect negatively on us as a brand.


If you’ve made it this far and think that getting to show off groovy accessories and be rewarded for it is cool... then after you’ve made sure that you understand each role and how to get there, pop us a message to let us know you’re interested! 

If you have any questions or concerns or are a business who would love to collab then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via DM on any of our social media pages or via 

Can’t wait for you to join us in the Clubhouse! 

The Corduroy Club team x