Welcome to our FAQs page! 

Here you’ll be able to find some of the general questions we get asked as a quick guide to your burning questions! You may also find the answers you’re after by checking out our Policy Pages and Terms and Conditions. If you are unable to locate what you’re after, need more information or have a question that isn’t listed then please email us at hello@thecorduroyclub.com! 



Q: What payments do you accept? 

A: Currently we only use Afterpay and PayPal as our secure payment gateways. If you wish to pay for your order via your credit/debit card then you still can via the PayPal checkout without creating an account by simply selecting the guest option! 

Q: When can I expect my order?

A: Please allow up to 3 Business Days for your order to be processed, packed and shipped. Once it’s out of our hands and at the mercy of Australia Post it can take anywhere from 2-10 business days for Standard postage and 2-3 business days for Express Postage. Please take into account the maximum timeframes if you’re purchasing as a gift! 



Q: I desperately want something that’s out of stock!! Are you restocking this? 

A: It depends! We’re currently trying to clear out as much as we have here first before we order any more materials! Most of the time we hold 2 or 3 items off the website in case something happens to an order or to stagger the stock arriving on the website to give people a chance who might’ve missed out. Pop us a message with what you’re after and we can definitely let you know though! 

Q: Do you do custom orders? I have a request! 

A: YES! We love it when you tell us what you want or if you’ve had an idea! We can do our best to try and source what you’re after but in some cases we either may not have the capacity to at the moment (but we have a list!) or we may be unable to find the materials needed. If we know of another small business who might have what you want then we’re also always happy to point you in their direction! 

Q: There’s two Scrunchies pictured... am I getting one or two? 

A: The price is for one Scrunchie! We photograph two because due to the different patterns, the Scrunchies may look different either side or slightly differ with each Scrunchie. If there’s a HUGE difference then we’ll split them into two different listings but most of the time it’s just dependant on where we cut in the pattern.

Q: What are your Earrings made from?

A: Our Earrings are mostly Planar Resin and are purchased from all over the world! We then drill the holes and assemble them into the cute earrings you love! Unfortunately we find they’re a pain on a windy day because they’re only one sided and flip around but that’s the only complaint we personally have with them! 

Q: Where do you purchase your fabric from?! 

A: We have a HUGE catalog of places from around the world that we source our fabrics from that we’ve spent hours and hours curating to ensure we have something for everyone! We’re also incredibly lucky to be sent private catalogs directly from Graphic Designers and Printers who we’ve worked so hard to create commercial relationships with! This means that on many occasions we’re unable to share exactly where we’ve sourced our fabrics from as we skip “the middle person” and have absolutely no clue where you can purchase these via a retail outlet. However! We do also dabble and purchase from popular small businesses such as Utopian Threads and The Material Girl Australia from time to time when something peaks our interest! 

Q: How do I order Clip On Earrings?

A: Search or Click on the listing and add them to your cart along with your earrings! Please read the description before purchasing though as there’s important information in there!