EOFY Shopathon

The Corduroy Clubs Shopathon IS BACK!


We definitely don’t do marathons... telethons are a little outdated... but shopathons?! We’re here for it!!


This Saturday 27th June for our EOFY SALE from 9am until 9pm (QLD time) we’ll be releasing a new discount code EVERY 30 MINUTES for the WHOLE 12 HOURS - That’s a huge 24 discount codes in the one day!!

The catch? You won’t actually know what the discount is!

Each discount will only be available for 30 minutes before it disappears forever and a new one takes its place!


What you need to do:

Fill your cart with your goodies and enter the valid code at the checkout to see what the mystery 30 minute discount code is!

Love the discount? Go through the checkout process as normal to snap it up!

Not fussed on the discount amount and think you can do better? Come back again in half an hour (or at a time when you’re feeling lucky!) to try again!

Side Note: Our carts don’t hold items, but if you want to place multiple orders throughout the day then pop your previous order numbers in the notes section and we can combine and refund any excess shipping!


Discounts start from a measly 1% off (Wahh) to a delicious 60% off your total order!! Yasssss!! We’re not messing around!

The full list of discount codes and timeframes will be released the day before so that you can plan your day plus we’ll make sure we’re posting them on our socials throughout the day!


The Boring Stuff: Processing times will temporarily be extended to 10 business days to accomodate for the increased order volumes from the 27th June 2020.