The Upcycling Initiative

If you’ve had a Squizz at our Sustainability page and have seen why it’s important to us to be a ‘Green Business’, where we’re currently at and what else is on our list to change - then you would have seen us mention our Upcycling Initiative! 

Currently our focus is on Upcycling the Coles Little Shop Toys (I’m sure you’ve heard about them!) into earrings and getting them out of the back of the cupboards, out from your purses and decrease the risk of them ending up in the bins and streets.

For $12 you can send in a matching pair and we’ll turn them into a pair of earrings for you, using Surgical Steel Shepherd Hooks to make sure they’re softer on your ears. This price also includes return Tracked postage back to you! 

We’re also purchasing any spares that people may have laying around and matching them up and popping them on our website if you don’t want to chase your own at our normal earring price of $14.95 (incl. Shipping Aus Wide)! 


So when the hype is over... what next? 


We’re currently collecting and saving an array of unused, unneeded and sometimes broken toys from the bin! These include everything from army men to barbies and their accessories that we can upcycle and breathe new life into! 


If if you have an idea, something that you want us to work our magic on for a custom order OR if you just have some unneeded stuff that you think we might be interested in then please email us at